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Investors Presentation

Forward Looking Statement


The Information included in this presentation does not purport to be comprehensive or to contain all information on Mia Dynamics Ltd (the “Company”) and its business, and is given to you only for the provision of general, concise and preliminary information.

The information included in this presentation does not substitute for reviewing information about the Company and its business included in the Company’s financial reports and memoranun as published in GO.D.M. Investments Ltd (“GO.D.M”) reports from November 8th, 2021 on

This presentation includes forecasts, estimates, assessments, and other information pertaining to future evets and/or matters. No representation or undertaking is given regarding the realization or reasonableness of any forecasts regarding the future chances of the Company. The forward-looking information in the presentation, as defined in the Securities Law, 5728-1968, may not materialize, in whole or in part, or may appear differently than expected, or may be affected by factors that cannot be assessed in advance.

This presentation is not an offer nor invitation to buy or subscribe for any securities of the Company nor securities of GO.D.M. This presentation and anything contained herein is not a basis for any contract or undertaking and are not to be relied upon in such context. The information provided in the presentation is not a basis for the making of any investment decision, nor a recommendation or opinion, nor a substitute for the discretion of a potential investor.

The presentation has been prepared on the basis of publicly available information. This information, which does not purport to be comprehensive, has not been independently verified as to accuracy or completeness by the Company. The presentation does not constitute or serves as a substitute for an audit, due diligence, or a similar review. It also does not purport to give or serve as a substitute for legal, tax, or financial advice.

* Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only



To disrupt the market with a new segment of green clean micro e-vehicles that deliver a new standard of efficiency and safety with an exhilarating and exciting rider experience.


Our Mission

We have created a new standard of efficiency & resilience that will proliferate cities globally with our collection of revolutionary micro e-vehicles that bear our unique green footprint.

The MIA Dynamics brand will be a leader in contributing to a cleaner environment, and delivering an exhilarating riding experience that is safer and smarter.


Two Wheel Ability - Quad Wheel Stability!

 The ‘MIA Dynamic’ EV Platform

Modular. Simple. Versatile.


The platform allows for individual suspension of each wheel in relation to the chassis with an extreme range of movement by the double wishbone suspension arms, and enables the vehicle to negotiate challenging terrain in an elegant efficiency. In addition The platform design is modular and lightweight.


Our Ground-breaking EV Platform -

the ‘MIA Dynamic’

Elegant efficiency in motion due to optimal utilization of kinetic energy and smart choice of low-wear alloy engineered in a balanced simplicity that serves to create a ride never achieved in a Quad Wheeler.


The MIA Dynamic patented (pending) low maintenance unique tilt and suspension steering system, delivers a new standard of resilience and longevity forged and tested under harsh off-road conditions.


The MIA Dynamic is applicable to multiple applications, including autonomous vehicles, and has the potential to redefine what the world can expect from a Micro Mobility platform.



The ability to negotiate challenging terrain combined with the MIA Dynamic intuitive riding technique serves to create a more responsive and exhilarating ride that merges the freedom and agility of a two wheeler to a Quad Wheelers comfort and stability.


* Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only

* Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only

Our Ground-breaking EV Platform -

the ‘MIA Dynamic’

Motorbike_for website_2.949 (1).png

Double Wishbone  suspension


Independent  monoshock suspension system - Effective even in an

extreme tilt angle

Hydraulic braking system, supported

 by a regenerative engine brake

Aircraft  Grade aluminum alloy

Light weight platform

Unique tilt capabilities up to

50 degrees

Unique steering column that is impervious to shock absorption of the suspension system

Capable to negotiate an extreme side slope of up to 35 degrees

* Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only


* Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only

Delivering Innovation to Quad Wheel E-MicroMobility


* Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only


* Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only


* Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only

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In the first stage, the main marketing and distribution model is designed to be executed in different target countries around the world, that will supply a complete service, which includes selling of the product, service, and warranty in target countries.


During the second stage, the company intends to consider the establishment of a B2C (business to client) independent self marketing and distribution array, according to which Mia Dynamics will sell its products directly to the consumer in particular countries/areas


* Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only


* Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only



The Mia dynamics dream team is an eclectic multi disciplinary motley crew of unique individuals that eat, breathe and sleep Micro Mobility and share a vision of a cleaner and greener future. Creating a sustainable smart mobility multiverse that the world can count on is our mission.

We can make it anywhere!

Itzik Calderon 

Founder & CEO

Itzik is a visionary and the founder of MIA Dynamics. Since youth, he has been involved in the development, optimization, and construction of different vehicles: scooters, motorbikes, and cars. In the last 20 years, he is guiding and leading development processes for top companies in the mobility field, particularly micro-mobility.

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TEAM 1.png
TEAM 3.png
idan black.png
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erez black.png

Idan Meirovitch

Phoenix Luo
(external consultant)

Yaron Shpitzer

Erez shprontz

Yoshi Bluth

Director & VP Asia

VP Sales & Customer Success

manager - China

Leading Industrial Designer

Chief Mechanical Engineer

Idan is a practicing International Lawyer specializing in bridging and merging Western and Chinese companies.  Over the past three years, Idan has focused on exploring Chinese channels supporting Western companies establishing and maintaining business in China.   Idan holds a Masters in Law from RemMin Uni (Beijing) specializing in M&A and Cross-Boarder Ecommerce channels in China, with rich experience in leading companies for intentional expansion and collaboration between Western and Eastern companies.

Idan is a true micromobilty aficionado. His passion for connecting a commuter to the right set of wheels is second only to his positive outlook and exceptional people skills. Idan brings to the table over a decade of experience in sales and customer success, and he is our go-to guy when we need a creative and fresh outlook to facilitate and realize the vision of MIA Dynamics.

With over a decade of success as liaison between Israeli tech and Chinese manufacturing capabilities, Phoenix heads our Shenzhen office. Always keen to learn and explore new challenges and pursue knowledge, be it by reading or by hiking to a mountain peak! Bridging between cultures is an achievement she takes pride in!

Yaron is an accomplished industrial designer, experienced in leading complex projects which require creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Yaron is familiar with all of the stages of development: processes management, quality control, budgets, and meeting deadlines. Previously, he worked among the vision and development team at Stanley Black & Decker, and today, he manages the company’s design department.

Erez’s passion for Motor-Sport and vehicles started when he was seven years old and had his first motorcycle ride. Even before his official degree as a Mechanical engineer, he has been riding, fixing and improving all kinds of vehicles – from Tractors, through cargo-bikes and to VW beetles. His background in Aeronautics in the defense industry has equipped him with the right tools to turn his dream into his career.

amir black 3.png

Amir Yacov

Workshop Manager

moshe black.png
amit black.png
renana SMALL.png

Fradji Brakha

Amit Sides

Renana Ron
(external consultant)


 Creative & Content Manager

Regulations & Standards Manager

In order to launch any product, it requires to be assembled and put into practice. Amir "golden hands“ Yacov can take the designer and engineer’s ideas, bring them to life and provide actual practical solutions to make it cost effective, safe, solid and yet, keep the visual esthetics of the vehicle.

Fradji is a dreamer, he can "draw" the future in Micro-Mobility, and he believes that a great piece of Mechanical vehicle must also be the most beautiful one. Efficiency is the concept of beauty. Fradji believes the perfect vehicle yet hasn't been designed. his goal is to develop the ideal vehicle and he won’t rest until it is achieved. Fradji inherits the desire to create from his carpenter father, thus, he obtained his Masters in Transport Design at the great school of Paris "CREAPOLE" and succeeded in his experiences at Renault by designing the interior of the concept car Dacia Duster and the Dacia Logan II, working on various automotive projects such as the Citroën DS3, Chevrolet Cruze.

Amit is the creative mind of the company. He specializes in branding, advertising, and content marketing with over 15 years of experience. Amit is the founder of "Mamash Production," a production company that provides services to some of the Top 500 companies such as Google, Soda Stream, Iron Source, Faber, and more. Amit's passion is to work with Start-up companies from the ground up in their early development stages, which include it’s product, advertisement, and marketing strategies to enter and reach any target market it’s aiming for.

Rananah Ron is one of the trailblazers in the micro-mobility field in Israel, with over a decade of rich experience. She owns a company that specializes in providing end-to-end services to companies in the mobility field. She guides the companies from the initial development and production stages, safety standards approval, delivery control, international laboratory auditing, and obtaining relevant official authorizations in target countries, ensuring export and import to any destination in the world.


* Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only

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