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MIA Dynamics is a young smart-mobility R&D company.
We are pioneers in engineering revolutionary micro quad vehicles. We believe that our new vehicles have the potential to disrupt the market and instigate a real change for the better, in how we commute in the new smart mobility era.
To fulfil our vision, we will need your assistance.
Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean!  

We aim to offer our products and services through mutually beneficial partnerships with experienced regional distributors/dealers / wholesalers/ bloggers and more so that our worldwide fans get to enjoy the best experience possible!

Interested in being a part of the MIA adventure?
Enter your details and we will be in touch and keep you posted.  Your application is important for us. 
The form below is intended to keep you informed of relevant updates and to enable us to contact you as we launch into the regions you expressed an interest in.

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